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Glastonbury Swamped By Too Many Toffs-

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, June 28, 2003
Super-rich toffs are spurning traditional high society events known as The Season in favour of slumming it at Glastonbury, The Observer reported last week.

"Definitely Glastonbury, definitely NOT Glyndebourne," said James Brocklehurst, a former pupil of Britain's second most famous public school Harrow.

"The Dance Tent is better than a damp picnic."

"The hat-wearing classes are joining the revolution by turning their backs to the Season, dressing down and taking their shabby chic to the beaches of Cornwall, the tented fields of Glastonbury and even Ibiza's clubs," The Observer added.

Ministry Of Sound's chief executive Mark Rodol also sounded off about the festival increasingly upper crust credentials, telling Music Week, "Glastonbury is now as important to crusty music fans as it is to grown-up clubbers who would rather not club anymore.

That means a safe, secure environment and toilet rolls," he added.