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Hybrid Live @ Fabric (April 4) - The New Oasis-

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, April 5, 2003
Breakbeat/ progressive duo Hybrid have transformed themselves into a five piece band playing proper songs and performing live, Hybrid mainman Chris Healing told Skrufff this week. The band have just finished working on their new album Morning Sci-Fi, and were heavily influenced by Radiohead, the Doves and Coldway, Chris confessed

"Coldplay write really good songs, I love Oasis too, not so much their last two albums but the first two were fantastic; they write amazing songs that stick with you forever," Chris admitted. He also revealed that Hybrid's new musical direction has already won them at least one new fan.

"My mother listened to the album the other day and she said 'Ooh, it's a lot slower, with a lot more songs on there'. So taking my mother as a reference, the new album's slowed down, as we have a little bit. Last time it was quite specific what we were doing, it was breakbeat crossed with a massive orchestra crossed with Judy Cruise." He denied, however, that the band are actively distancing themselves from club culture.

"I think it's just connected to how we're changing as people," he said.

"I'm 32 now and Mike's 28, I absolutely love DJing, dance music and going to clubs but for us there are so many other things we also love."

Morning Hi-Fi comes out in June- the band play Fabric this Friday (April 4)