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Jonny Slut's Sacrilegious Coke Confession

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, June 14, 2003
Freakcore king Jonny Slut took his first line of cocaine in a West London church, he admitted this week, in a candid new interview with Skrufff.

The Nag, nag, nag DJ/ promoter revealed he'd shamelessly snorted lines off a lavatory seat in the church's toilet, during the early 80s, when he played keyboards with seminal alternative rockers Specimen.

"I guess the devilment of the situation was too much to resist," said Jonny.

His cocaine experimentation came after years of spurning drugs, due to his conviction that only 'naff hippies' used drugs.

"I really did subscribe to the punk 'never trust a hippie' mantra, I didn't think drugs were cool and was never even that curious about them." he recalled.

"I don't associate cocaine with anything approaching glamour nowadays either, it's such a common currency these days, plus there are so many people around using it that make you think "Christ, I never want to end up like them," he stressed.

"I associated all drugs with hippie-dom back then, whereas nowadays I associate coke with complete asshole-dom."

In more Nag news, Jonny was ambiguous about rumours that a heavily disguised Madonna had been dancing at the club for the whole of Jacques Lu Cont's set.

"She might well have been but by that time of the night I was far too off my tits to care," said Jonny.

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