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Light-bulb Ban Helps Intellectually Challenged Prince

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, April 5, 2003
Top British public school Eton College has imposed a ban on pupils changing light bulbs, which means Prince Harry will be relieved of at least one potentially tricky task as he retakes his final year again.

The academically struggling royal was held back a year after failing exams following drink and drug revelations and will now be able to concentrate on his academic studies instead of menial tasks.

The ban emerged in a letter written by Harry's 15 year old schoolmate Will Jennings, who raised the issue in the Eton Chronicle.

"Boys are not allowed to put in their own light bulbs, which means that if one blows, a house maid must be found to solve the problem," said Will.

The new rule could, however, leave Harry vulnerable to power cuts and also expose him to cruel jokes such as 'how many pot smoking princes does it take to change a light bulb- (Answer: Two, one plus one's nurse-maid).