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Madrid Airport Thief Snatches Jim Master's Records

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 8, 2003
UK techno legend Jim Masters arrived back from a gig in Brazil this week, though was dismayed to discover that a thief stole all his records as he changed plans in Spain,

"Some motherf**ker at Madrid airport stole ALL of my records - not just took the box style, but the little sh*t carefully removed every record from the bags, zipped them back up and put the bags back onto the plane," said Jim this week in a latter mailed to the media.

"As you can guess, I had quite a shock when I lifted my feather-light bags up at Sao Paulo and found them empty. Fortunately I had Final Scratch with me & this coupled with some records I picked up in Brazil enabled me to play without too many problems."

Almost all the lost records were promos and white labels distributed during the last three months and Jim is asking labels to resend him all tunes they've mailed him since the beginning of the year.

In happier news for the renowned UK jock, his long running club Base will be hosting a rare London DJ set from Detroit legend Kevin Saunderson in several weeks time, The Inner City pioneer will be spinning alongside fellow London veterans Trevor Rockliffe and Colin Faver at The End on March 21.