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Marc Almond Headlines The Cock Xmas Bash (UK)

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, November 29, 2003
80s legend Marc Almond will be DJing alongside Danny Wang at The Cock on Friday December 19, rounding off the penultimate weekend of what's been a fantastic year for both the Soft Cell legend and the italo-disco/ electro club.

The electro icon will be show-casing the minimal mixing technique that (eventually) won over Nag, Nag, Nag crowd at the same basement venue earlier this year, though is unlikely to be dropping too many Soft Cell anthems.

"I don't really feel comfortable playing my own records, I do throw in the occasional one as a bit of fun, but that's it," Marc told Skrufff in July.

"I like DJing as an excuse to listen to other stuff. DJing has made me fall back in love again with lots of great old music as well as rediscovering new sounds."