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Marco V Plays For Free In Eindhoven, Holland

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, October 4, 2003
Marco V Plays For Free In Eindhoven, Holland (October 31)

Dutch trance/ hard dance maestro Marco V has announced details of a free party he's organising in Holland where he'll be spinning a six hour set for 800 fans. Admission is by invitation only, via Marco's website, at

"This is a personal invitation for my fans, so obviously I'm not going ask them to pay to see me," said Marco.

"I'm not out to make money. In Charge' is an evening for me and my fans."

Spinning trance, techno and hard dance music, Marco's career took off when he cracked the UK almost three years ago, a fact he attributed to the Britain's media.

"Everybody throughout the world reads English magazines. We also have good magazines in Holland but nobody reads them outside the country, they don't end up in places like South Africa and Japan," Marco told Skrufff.

"Even in Germany, they have big DJs and big magazines, but it's also very difficult to find those magazines in other countries, because not so many people can read German."

In Charge happens on October 31st between 10pm and 4am, at 5611,Eindhoven