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Morcheeba Live In Beijing, China (Sunday March 9)

Author: Jonty Adderley (
Saturday, March 8, 2003
Multi-million selling downtempo specialists Morcheeba headline a prestigious show in Beijing this weekend (March 9), on the latest stage of their worldwide tour. Despite being named after a US slang term for marijuana, the British trio nowadays avoid drugs, they told Skrufff in an interview last year.

"You couldn't really afford drugs when you were at college as a teenager so you almost thought they were good for you," said Paul Godrey.

"But when you get to a position where they're regularly around you, you start seeing them for what they are and most are a nightmare. Which makes you confused. Taking cocaine just makes you talk shit and not have a sense of humour."

His brother Ross was equally frank about the lessons they eventually learned.

"If you do drugs every day, which is what we tended to do when we could afford it, they were rubbish. You catch yourself realising you're into drugs or an alcoholic and your whole personality becomes this twisted phenomenon," he said.

Paul Godfrey will be DJing at the Morcheeba after-party at The Clubm Beijing on Sunday March 9th. Doors open at 22.00pm.