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Plump DJs new album to feature Gary Numan

Author: bib
Wednesday, March 19, 2003
With a recent Fabric compilation under their belts, breakbeat connoisseurs, the Plump DJs are set to release their long awaited artist album, 'Eargasm', June 10 on Finger Lickin'. Lee Rous and Andy Gardner have reportedly been working with electronic veteran, Gary Numan and Lamb's singer Louise Rhodes.

The album will incorporate a broader range of sounds than we're used to from the Plumps and experiment with some slower tracks as well as their usual dancefloor favourites.

There will be a preview double pack released March 31, featuring album tracks 'In Stereo', 'Mantra', 'Nylon Radar' and 'Squeaks & Bleeps' - which was also on their Fabric mix - a limited number of advance copies are available exclusively from Vinyl Addiction.