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Progressive Obsessive #1 - October 2003

Author: Dean Millson
Friday, October 24, 2003
Well it's been a while in the making, but let me welcome you to the first of my monthly 'Progressive Obsessive' column, where I will attempt to enlighten / intrigue / bore / annoy / excite [please choose one] the Tranzfusion community with the latest goings down in the progressive sound. That means releases, interviews, reviews and anything else that comes along - and after quite a while of talking about it, it seemed perfect timing to get this thing rolling with the launch of TranZfusion's slick new look…

I must say after a few somewhat forgettable years, things are looking progressively (pardon the pun) better for the progressive sound. One has to only listen to James Holden's new mix compilation Balance 5 (out on Australian label EQ) to understand this. James has taken his usual melodic and tripped out sound and pushed it one step further with a fair dosage of fat wurring basslines and beautifully dark acid interludes. James' new label Border Community is looking promising also. Its first release, A Break In The Clouds by Mr Holden himself is a gorgeous tune. It will be followed up soon by the debut release from Nathan Fake called Outhouse (also included on Balance 5), which has been filling dance floors for the last few months - so keep an eye out for it! I'm also looking forward to the soon to be released new Renaissance compilation called Everybody mixed by Sander Klienenberg and I have also been hearing rumours of a double CD Therapy compilation to be released on Nettwerk, with one disc mixed by Dave Seaman and another by one of the most underrated DJ's around, Melbourne's Phil K.

Australian label Vapour also has a solid release schedule for the remainder of the year. Whites are doing the rounds at the moment of some tasty new remixes from Ocean Wave and Nubreed of Highland's classic No Way Out. Following that will be the eagerly anticipated Bass Trap by Quest & The Dirty Fours (aka Luke Chable and NuBreed). I first heard this one earlier in the year on Gabriel and Dresden's essential mix and can't wait until it sees the light of day. Speaking of Luke Chable, he has been keeping busier than ever with a heavy schedule of collaborative and solo projects. Before You Break on Me - a storming progressive breaks collaboration with another of Melbourne's finer talents Jono Fernandez will be seeing the light of day on Johnathon Lisle's new label M-Theory - and the B-Side Before You Beat My Box is just as good. I also heard some bits of another tasty Chable remix played down the phone on the weekend - keep an eye out for his remix of Steve May's debut release on EQ Grey called Open Day early in the new year.

And finally, I have recently returned from a short holiday in the USA and managed to catch up with DJ/Producer and the man responsible for another promising new label, Dave Preston of Institution Breaks. Whilst cruising along Miami South Beach in his SUV (that's Sports Utility Vehicle for those outside the US, not that I'm sure why everyone needs such large 4WD vehicles over there!) he gave me a little sample of what's coming up and it's huge. If you like your basslines fat then make sure you check this label out. First release will be a release from Digital Witchcraft called Kaylee's Blanket.

Well that's it for me this month. Check out my chart below for some of the things that are tickling my fancy at the moment.

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Dean's Half Way Through October Chart
1.Spooky - Andromeda [White]
This is one huge record. Possibly my favourite record of 2003. Spaced out yet v