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Red Snapper 12 minute 'Super Snapper Mash Up'

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Thursday, November 13, 2003
In conjunction with Lo Recordings, TranZfusion brings you a twisted 12 minute mix from the now-legendary Red Snapper.

Over the last 8 years, Lo Recordings have been one of the most innovative and ground-breaking labels around. Most recently they have picked up Red Snapper and released two albums this year - the eponymous album came first in February, and now the second is upon us.

Redone is selection of tracks from the last album, remixed by a variety of contemporary artists including Radioactive Man, Depth Charge, Blue States, Pedro, Rothko, Red Snapper themselves and more.

They are now offering a hybrid mix of a few of the tracks, put together by Jay Burnett, the engineer behind Planet Rock, Licensed to Ill, and many of the best mix albums of the last few years.

Titled the Super Snapper Mash-Up, this mix combines elements of the versions by Radioactive Man, Depth Charge, Rothko and Rich Thair is an essential 12 minutes of twisted Snapper glory.

Red Snapper
'Super Snapper Mash Up'
Lo Recordings

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