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Slovenia's First Superstar DJ Finishes the Year In Europe

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, November 8, 2003
Techno uberlord Umek has announced a series of DJ dates across Europe that culminate in a special Christmas Day set in Lahr, Germany.

He's also almost certain to be showcasing all four tracks from his upcoming 12 inch release Telontol, which comes out on UK label Novamute on December 1st.

Speaking to Skrufff, recently he stressed that hard work and commitment has been the key to achieving international success.

"When I was really young, say 17, I was really happy to play in local clubs and I started my own night back then too," he recalled.

"Then I started making music, and at one point I decided the demos were of an OK standard, and were as good as other tunes, so I sent them around to DJs. That's how I got my first record deal and suddenly everybody started calling me asking for material.

At one point I realised that if I kept working hard I'd end up playing at clubs outside Slovenia but it took me a long time. I made 30 records before I got any bookings outside. But from that point to today it's gone really smoothly, I'm nowadays booked up 6 months in advance."

Umek's dates are as follows:

7 - Piu Piu, Barcelona SPAIN
8 - Rostofflage, Zurich SWITZERLAND
9 - Fusion, Thessaloniki GREECE
14 - Fusion NA, Munster GERMANY
15 - Itzela, Oiarzun SPAIN
21 - MS Connection, Mannheim GERMANY
22 - Club Risk, Utrecht HOLLAND
28 - Red Box, Dublin IRELAND

19 - Sala Del Ciel, Girona SPAIN
24 - Trancentral, Haarlem HOLLAND
25 - Universal, Lahr GERMANY
26 - Roxy, Prague CZECH REP