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Techno Types Admit Spider Terror

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, November 29, 2003
French superstar DJ/ techno type Laurent Garnier undermined his country's reputation for red-blooded, real man machismo this week, telling Jockey Slut, 'I'm not a brave person, I'm scared of snakes and spiders.'

Garnier's startling admission echoed the fears of British DJ Ade Fenton suggesting the possibility of a previously unsuspected link between liking techno and fear of creepy-crawlies.

"I have a really bad phobia of spiders, they terrify me," Ade told Skrufff recently.

"When I stayed in an apartment in Adelaide (Australia) earlier this year, I made the promoter de-spider the apartment beforehand; that included pulling the cooker, washing machine and beds out from the wall and checking underneath," he admitted.

"And then I played a rave in the Amazon rain forest where I was constantly worried about being under attack from spiders."