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The Final Rush

Author: clea
Saturday, March 15, 2003
The Rush Effect & The Espy, invite all those who have supported, experienced, moved, grooved, tranced, danced, pulsed, laughed, cried, been inspired, been bored, sweated, screamed and RUSHED.

3 Weeks to go before the finale! The Rush Effect will be recording live this Sunday, before the closure of Summer Sunset Sundays, AND a special addition to the new live CD; the 1st single launch is included. Please join The Collective and The Espy in an organic frenzy, which only The Rush Effect can provide…………


What is the Rush Effect--

A blend of Global Music sound and style, reflecting a fusion of instruments on all levels.

A new breath in the Trance meets Beats scene, with a unique sound vibration, touching all those who have found themselves engulfed.

I wanted to let you know about this new collective band which has been playing a The Espy every Sunday for the last 4 months in the Gershwin room.

"The Rush Effect" if you have not heard of them already,play
live funk trance, incorporating Didgeredoo, Drums, Flute, Vocal......a 7 piece band who have been creating a music phenomena, with their new style of pulse music. They were the opening act for Rainbow Serpent Festival, and are now in the process of recording live to launch their first CD.

See you Sunday @ The Espy……
Experience a global dance family
Donation @ door