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Too Many Toffs Threaten To Take Over Ibiza

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Saturday, August 9, 2003
Balearic superclub Pacha and several others are raising their prices to deliberately exclude budget clubbers, according to a report in last week's Observer.

The already expensive clubs are 'jacking up their prices… going upmarket and trying to attract more money, class and glamour,' the paper suggested, in a bid to eradicate the lager lout image presented by reality TV show Ibiza Uncovered in the late 90s.

"The cameras showed kids spewing in the gutter," said Pacha's brand chief Daniel Whittle.

"Everyone decided prices needed to go up- Ibiza was going to become more expensive."

Bottles of beer now cost around £7 each (US$10) at many of the island's clubs, with spirits (eg vodka and tonic) costing punters an astronomical £15 (US$25).

"The prices are intentional", the Observer stressed. "No one without enough cash is welcome here any more."

However, Radio 1 jock Judge Jules, whose Judgment Sunday event at Eden remains one of Ibiza's busiest weekly clubs, vehemently disagreed with both points of view.

"Ibiza's greatest attraction has always been the fact that it appeals to both the penniless and the mega-rich at the same time, the VIP table culture has always existed alongside the podium mayhem," Jules told Skrufff.

"Without humble ravers dancing alongside the millionaires, Ibiza would become just another cheesy resort like Marbella or the Cote D'Azur, where leather-skinned old nonces (perverts- slang Ed.) are surrounded by a gaggle of girls young enough to be their kids."

"Fortunately this summer's evidence suggests that there's still plenty of rave action in 'La Isla Blanca' left, and the deck shoe-clad fifty and sixty somethings will mercifully remain a minority," he added.