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TranZfusion gets Punk'd

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Thursday, October 16, 2003
Wednesday October 15

Phone Rings

Derrick: Hello

Unknown Person: I'm calling from the Australian Copyright Council, and I'm wanting to speak to the owner of TranZfusion.

Derrick (to himself): ooh shit.

ACC Person: We're calling on behalf of an American Icon & Images company (who remain nameless). We would like to point out that you are currently infringing copyright by use of the smiley icons throughout your site.

Derrick: excuse me

ACC Person: No we are absolutely serious. You are not allowed to use images that you did not create yourself.

Derrick: ooh shit.

Conversation continues by explaining copyright laws… blah blah

ACC Person: But it's only the smiley faces, the grumpy faces are ok.

Derrick: OK, so what about smileys with their tongues hanging out - are they copyright-, what about the ones that wink - are they copyright too-

ACC Person: The main image in question is the smiley that blows a kiss - you should take that off immediately.

Derrick: I thought the smileys were public domain.

ACC Person: Look all we ask is that you either take the smileys off or close down the site.

Derrick: Fine, no problem I'll take the smileys off…

ACC Person: HAHAHA, You've just been had by Kate and (some guys name) @ Sea FM. Do you listen to Sea FM-

Derrick: No

ACC Person /Sea FM Person: oooh really, we're out in Gippsland. Anyway you were dobbed in by Tigsy & Snake from OZwebchat, and congratulations you've won a digital camera.

Derrick: yeah thanks.

Derrick (to himself): fukkas.