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Xsive DJ Assault 6

Author: Michelle Pirovich
Tuesday, August 12, 2003
Back again after exactly a one year absence from the Melbourne Rave Scene - Xsive Dj Assault is back to showcase our greatest DJ warriors. We will be giving away an award to the best duo from each zone - based on crowd response - We will be measuring it with a decibel meter on the night! The XSIVE Award will be given away from this night on in the XSIVE DJ ASSAULT series.

Giveaways from Central Station, Advent*jah ticket giveaways, XSIVE t-shirt giveaways, Japanese Chill zone and a party atmosphere unmatched!

DJ Seiji (Japan) Vs Astroboy
Jeff Tyler Vs Jayse Knipe
Will E Tell Vs Andrew Marsh
Ajax Vs Krash
Jason Midro Vs Mr Ed
Tristan Mason Vs Master Kaos
Ben Cromack Vs Simon Coyle
Nexus Vs Jeremy K
Mark James Vs Sean Quinn
Julian Reynolds Vs Steve Strangis

Ticket Information:
Tickets can only be purchase through at discounted price prior to the event ($20-00 limited numbers) - There will be tickets allocated for the door also at full price.($25-00)