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Australian Clubs Mobilise Against GHB

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, May 15, 2004
Australia's Dance Industry Association (DIA) launched a co-ordinated campaign against GHB this week, urging clubbers to stay away from it altogether.

"GHB is a cheap, nasty, street drug for losers, putting 10-15 people a week into hospital, week in, week out, in Melbourne; you or your mates could be next," the DIA said in a statement.

"As event organisers, we urge everyone to avoid using this drug. GHB has a proven track record of carnage second to none. Its senseless use has the potential to destroy you, your scene, your mates, as well as the future of the events you like to attend," they added.

Their campaign came two months after eleven people overdosed on GHB at Melbourne's high profile Two Tribes festival and four months after psy-trance pioneers and DIA founders Earthcore needed 8 ambulances to rescue GHB casualties at their outdoor event.

"GHB is a killer, warning signs are there a reason," Earthcore chief Spiro pointed out, following the party.

"I am personally over the bullshit and pathetic behaviour of some who would destroy it all for everyone else," he added.

"From now on, people engaging in or encouraging stupid risk taking behaviour will be ejected from our events."

Melbourne's Herald Sun reported that other clubs have also now started banning GHB users in an attempt to tackle the problem.

'CAUTION : GHB's dose/response curve is similar to that of alcohol : If you exceed your dose, it is possible to fall unconscious and be temporarily unable to be awakened (coma). It may also dangerously depress breathing. AVOID MIXING WITH ALCOHOL.' More Info on GHB