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Brit Newspapers Approve Juvenile Drug Abuse

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Sunday, September 19, 2004

The Daily Telegraph brushed off fresh allegations that George Bush used Class A narcotics as 'mere embroidery' this week, suggesting such behaviour could actually boost his popularity.

"Kitty Kelly's new details about his supposed marijuana and cocaine habits are mere embroidery on the familiar Bush legend: drunk cleans up act, becomes Governor of Texas, wins presidency," the (generally pro-Bush) broadsheet said in an editorial.

"The frustrating thing for squeaky-clean John Kerry is that the Bush legend is exactly the sort of legend that people love," they sniffed.

However, Kitty Kelly, whose new book outlines W's drug history in detail, appeared in the Sunday Times this week to emphasise his continuing refusal to deny the allegations ('there were too many people who could testify to the truth' she claimed) and his hypocrisy.

"As governor of Texas, he took a hard line on drugs," Ms. Kelly pointed out.

"He supported increased penalties for possession and signed legislation mandating jail time for people caught with less than a single gram of cocaine. Yet, as the claims of Sharon Bush, his sister-in-law, show, he could have been subject to jail time himself, had he been caught 'doing coke' with his brother Marvin during his father's presidency," she said.

Meanwhile in Scotland, leading newspaper The Scotsman celebrated the 20th birthday of delinquent royal Prince Harry with an equally open-minded examination of the young Royal's drug crimes.

"Prince Harry and his ne'er-do-well posh friends had been puffing the magic dragon (smoking marijuana- slang Ed), and daddy wasn't happy. Immediately people talked of a prince in peril," said the Scotsman.

"But was his rowdy behaviour so unexpected- Or, in fact, so damaging-
Children of privilege always kick back at some stage - just look at Paris Hilton's sex-romp video - and it may, bizarrely, have been one of the best things to happen to the Windsors," they suggested.

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