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Agent Mad Presents: B.L.I.M.

Author: Agent Mad
Wednesday, January 5, 2005
27.11 Perth
24.12 Canberra
31.12 Sydney
01.01 Melbourne
29.01 Townsville
11.02 Auckland

Since releasing his debut album, Lost In Music, on Rennie Pilgrem's TCR label last year Blim has toured his sound far and wide. An incredible tour of China and the the Far East with The Big Beat Boutique was follwed by 2 months in Australia, where he presented and performed at the Ozzy dance Music Awards, and New Zealand followed by more antics in Thailand and Hong Kong.

He has also revisited his favourite haunts in Eastern europe; budapest, Belgrade and Zagreb amongst them along with the usual jaunts around the provinces of his home country continuing to broaden the audience of breaks lovers everywhere. More recently he played at the hugely successful Glade festival and plays the Plump Djs Eargasm night at Fabric on Aug 13th.

Blim is set for another winter tour down under and has plans to tour the world next year, travelling and djing and writing tunes as he goes.

So at the moment it's head down in the studio to build up a body of work to take away again and this is how the release schedule is looking for early autumn.

On Track ( blim's own Label) New single collaboration with Pete Parsons from Breakneck (one side of this is on the mix) also a single with JHz.
On TCR. Last single from the lost in music album, the long awaited release of Skapurr, along with a brand new tune that is on the mix cd. Remix for aqauasky on their passenger label.

Collaboration with Kid Blue (from Technique in leeds) under the name Kemper Boyd. Single coming soon of Bass lead house. Kemper Boyd have also remixed Skapurr which may be released on the TCR single and is also on the mix.

In addition to this a new album is in the offing. Blim looks to explore a more instrument and melody based sound. Still beats but with more live feel and less of a dj thang. Live instrumentalists have already been in to the studio and collabs with various vocalists are on the go. There is no home for this album as yet and there is even the chance of the album being released in download form only. After all who actually BUYS cds anymore-