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America & Iran's Axis Of Drug War Evil

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, January 29, 2005
Stop The Drug War revealed this week that Iranian authorities have been arresting tens of thousands of drug users in the last year, aligning itself unusually with America.

"The "zero tolerance' spirit which leads sometimes to mass police roundups of people is something with the US shares in greatest measure with countries like Iran, or Thailand or the Philippines," said DRCNet Executive Director David Borden.

"Indeed, we permit our anti-drug agencies to forge ties with some of the most rights-abusing governments in the world," he pointed out.

"For that matter, we encouraged the UN to provide funding to the Taliban for opium eradication, despite dire warnings of that movement's violence," he continued. "Though ironically, marijuana law at least was one area in which the Taliban's policies were less punishing than ours."

Mr Borden's comments came days after the highly respected newspaper The Financial Times declared the drug war "unwinnable' and called for authorities to embrace harm reduction.

"Legalising narcotics would break the grip of organised crime on the drugs trade," the FT commented. "It would also help separate casual users who take drugs for recreation from the hard core of addicts who account for well over half the drugs consumed and who need special help."

The war on drugs has simply shown that drugs and the drugs markets cannot be wiped out. It is time to look at more realistic and less ambitious alternatives," they urged. ("A young Iranian woman (25) was executed in a public square by [the] Islamic Iranian regime. The young woman was accused of possession of cannabis. This is only one of the hundreds of execution that carried out by Iranian regime in a year . . " WARNING: graphic pictures!!!)