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Bali Beauty Student's Pot Plant Plan

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, April 3, 2005
Australian convict John Patrick Ford flew into Bali this week to testify at the trial of Australian surfer Chapelle Corby, who faces death by firing squad if convicted of smuggling 4.1kg of cannabis into Indonesia.

The 27 year old beauty student has consistently maintained the cannabis discovered by customs officials at Bali International Airport in her boogie board bag was planted, matching the claims of Mr Ford who gave evidence that an Australian drug trafficking ring stasged the weed there in error. The 40 year alleged rapist said he overheard traffickers admitting in prison that they regularly used innocent travellers' luggage to ship cannabis around Australia, and laughing about her predicament.

Ms Corby was detained at the airport last October and has been held on remand in an Indonesian prison ever since. Her case has parallels with that of British girl Daisy Angus, who remains on remand in horrific conditions in an Indian jail, over two years after airport officials discovered 10 kilos of cannabis in a secret compartment of a case she was carrying. Unlike Chapelle, the now 24 year old former gym instructor admitted guilt soon after being busted and since then has been detained in a cell packed with 134 women in a pen designed for 23 prisoners. While her case has still to be concluded, she's since contracted suspected meningitis and malaria and has also been repeatedly raped, her father claimed in January 2003.

"When Daisy was taken to JJ (Hospital) on January 4, a doctor there told me she may have a Sexually Transmitted Disease (STD) since some women prisoners carry HIV and there is a lack of hygiene in the jail," Mr Angus told "When I asked Daisy, she said some inmates, apparently lesbians, had been continually sexually assaulting her," he revealed.