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Britain's Media Moans About Mylo

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, February 14, 2005

Music hacks from both the Guardian and Independent newspapers poked fun at electronic star Mylo this week indicating that the hugely hyped media darling is drawing ever closer to an inevitable backlash.

Independent indie freak Simon Price kicked off the faint praise in a review of his live show in Newcastle, sniffing "Mylo is nobody's idea of a rock star, probably not even his own'.

"It's one of the perpetual ironies of dance music that that it's always the bedroom losers and antisocial nerds who come up with the tunes that bring the party boys and party girls together and fill the floors," Price sneered. "A case of shut-ins causing look outs."

The Guardian, meanwhile, introduced Mylo to Elton John for a Q&A session, and described the Scottish 25 year old as "softly spoken, charming and shy'.

"In the nicest possible way, he looks like he would have difficulty destroying a wet paper bag," they (nicely) scoffed.

Mylo himself didn't exactly boost his rock & roll credentials, when chatting to the BBC soon after, about the wild party plans he'd tried to instigate with John.

"I kept dropping hints whenever I could that I want to go and DJ at one of his big garden parties and maybe get off with a D list celebrity," said Mylo. "Ha ha, I didn't say that."