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Caterpillar Swarm Carpets French Teknival

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, May 9, 2005
French authorities blocked off roads leading to a giant rave in Marigny last weekend, after an invasion of giant caterpillars descended on the outdoor site.

According to press reports authorities feared significant number of revellers could suffer serious allergies if the tecknival had been allowed to continue, since up to 100,000 revellers had been expected to party over the weekend.

"We would be incapable of treating this health problem that can, if there are problems with alcohol or drugs, carry vital risks," said local health chief Dominique Dubois. "In any case risks of giant hives, asthma attacks, eye lesions."

The authorities' compassionate approach towards the Teknival contrasted sharply with that adopted by Czech police last year, who used teargas to break up a party after the then Prime Minister Stanislav Gross ordered cops to intervene. Hundreds of riot police fought running battles with revellers as 15,000 gathered outside Bonenov, Tachov.

"The new approach to these parties is necessary because of our entry into the European union", Czech spokesperson Vera Duskova told local news server iDNES last July. "Up until now the police tactics have always been to follow the path of least resistance but that policy has now finished," she confirmed.