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Chris Duckenfield (Swag/Odori/UK)

Author: Data On Dub
Friday, February 4, 2005
Friday 4th March
Support: Angela Maison, Ant J Steep and Boogs
$15 on the door

Digital bleeps and static noise twist around swaying vocals and dirty acid house basslines, your body has a mind of its own, your mind has a body of its own, we suggest that you get funkin on the dancefloor from woe to go... You've got the funk, so lets see it! "Excuse me would you mind to PUMP- SWAG is here to rock tha floor and shake your musical senses silly.


Chris began his addiction to music with early Hip Hop and Electro, and was later inspired by the Sheffield illegal party scene of the late eighties, and the eclectic, soulful sets of the Forgemasters. Chris has been playing music as a D.J since 1989, keen to play the music he heard outside his home town, alongside the by now famous 'Sheffield sound'. His first residency was at the Limit club in Sheffield, the night went from 150 to 1200 people in three weeks, and became something of a legendary event. After a career in English was derailed once and for all by Acid House, further guest DJ slots, support DJ tours with the Warp and Phono labels, residencies and eventually, the recording studio followed.

In 1991 Chris began releasing his own music (along with former DJ buddy Richard benson), first on the Warp affiliated Nucleus label and later on the Warp label itself. Richard Brown was, at the same time working with DJ Nick Simpson, together they released a white label called "Can't Take It" under the name Rhythm Invention. The track became an instant club anthem and was promptly signed to Warp Records after Chris (then working in the Warp record shop) brought it to their attention. This was followed by two more releases, and the well received "Inventures in wonderland" album. Richard's musical history goes back further however, with a considerable contribution to the Wakefield punk scene along with the likes of Back 2 Basics founder Dave Beer and DJ James Holroyd. Working both on and off stage, Richard developed his by now famous 'ear', and honed his skill as an engineer, which has been put to expert use ever since for artists such as Nightmares on wax, Bjork, Autechre, Rabbit in the Moon and Beaumont Hannant, with whom Richard later teamed up to form Outcast, who released the superb "Rollercoaster" single and an album "Out of tune" on One little Indian.

With the Warp label often calling on Richard's considerable studio expertise, it seemed inevitable that Chris's RAC project would be engineered and co-produced by Richard, this was the start of a long and extraordinary production relationship, which has seen them introduce their acclaimed SWAG sound to the world. Their first four releases for Junior Boys Own and their Jus' Trax subsidiary achieved huge club success. After the Warp shop closed in late 96, Chris found he could devote all his time to running his new 'Primitive' label and step up the DJ and recording schedule. Releases from himself together with Richard Brown, and local talent got the label firmly established. Later down the line the 'Odori' label was started to release music from talented new producers who chose to twist the House rule book.

SWAG released their debut long player 'Felony Funk' in 98, on their newly established 'Version Music' imprint, the acclaimed album opened up new opportunities for the dynamic duo to spread the ever versatile SWAG vibe far and wide. Their Live/DJ set has rocked clubs from Tokyo to Madrid, not forgetting legendary UK events like Fabric, Back 2 Basics and the Sub Club, this and the modest chalking up of over 30 releases together as well as an evergrowing list of remixes for artists like Bjork, Ian Pooley, Herbert and Blaze.

Richard's tiny amount of spare time is devoted to his solo project; Cherry Bomb. Having released a series of celebrated EP's on Belgium's Music Man label, Richard has also been touring with the Cherry Bomb Live Set, a recent recording of which has been released on CD and limited edit