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'Cinematic' is a new exhibition of works by Liz McKay.

Author: Liz McKay
Monday, July 11, 2005
Inspired by the cinema, her latest show will
encapture the mood of love, dance and swing & jazz
music. McKay's figures convey intriguing expressions
and the interaction between the painted figures invite the viewer to explore the unwritten thoughts and feelings between them.

Liz McKay is an Australian artist whose art has been
exhibited nationally and internationally, her work is
included in a number of private and public collections in Australia and overseas.

Opening night 27th July from 6-8pm, with live
entertainment provided by 3 piece "Greenland".
Opening hours: Tues to Sun 12 - 6pm

27th July - 16th August 2005
Soho Galleries, 104 Cathedral St, Sydney
P: 9326 9066