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Coldcut assure us that Everything Is Under Control

Author: Matt Jarvis
Monday, October 24, 2005
Coldcut return with the first single from their stunning forthcoming album, 'Sound Mirrors' and it's a Hunter S. Thompson of a tune (by which we mean larger than life, not quite sane and quite possibly dangerous).. 'Everything Is Under Control' is a brutal, low-slung hybrid hip hop rock monster, featuring special guests Jon Spencer (of 'Blues Explosion' fame) and Mike Ladd.

The Coldcut fellows bring the guitar noise and drawled vocals of Spencer and then cut and chop them in the way that only the original masters can. After which, they let Mike Ladd loose on the politics, a stream of conscience peopled by "black helicoptered KNikes of Malta, a Martian Menace, Illuminati partners, Tower topplers, Vatican tax and the Texas mafia, Pentagon pacts with Lockheed-Martin".

Obnoxious, raw and utterly huge, it sounds like classic era Beastie Boys crossed with Weatherall-produced Primals, but in the way that only the duo behind 'Beats & Pieces' could mash it, and then only in the way that they could mash it right now.

Then you get into the mixes. Trevor Jackson's legendary Underdog comes out pro-tirement to twist the original into a sparse electro-bounce. Solid Groove take the blueprint straight down onto the dancefloor and go clear with a nex' tempo change. DJ Kentaro turns it into a big, blasty, nasty fast-n-slow turntablised rocker, and new d&b pendulised moshers The Qemist's (misspelled on promo) leave your hair blown back and your eyebrows white. It goes to show that Matt Black and Jon More know how to pick who they work with, too. And, as if to re-emphasise their own impeccable credentials, check out their cool yet abrasive demo version, "Theory 0.1".

Check out for more information, and brace yourselves for the new album, due in January 2006 and destined to be massive!