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Darius Bassiray: From DARKbeat to SUNNY with a Proton Pill

Author: Terry Goldfain
Wednesday, December 21, 2005
While his name doesn't slip as easily off the tongue as Melbourne's international heavy-weights Phil K, Luke Chable, Jono Fernandez or Kasey Taylor, make no mistake - producer/DJ Darius Bassiray is making waves where it counts. As half of DJ duo Rollin Connection and promotion crew Darkbeat, Darius is now a regular guest in the mainroom at Melbourne underground institution, Sunny. Having supported the likes of Jonathan Lisle, James Holden, James Zabiela and Habersham in 2005 alone, he is now making major inroads as a producer. As a solo producer. Keep Your Nose Clean and Wristy In The Breaks Room have been well received, and his track Lorenzo was signed to Proton Music in October with a Habersham remix confirmed and release set for early 2006. Most recently, Gyppo Funk, a collaborative production with Ireland's Stuart Mckeown, has been signed to Iron Box Music and will be released on Brian Aneurysm's 'Frame & Formed 3' compilation. It will be released world-wide on vinyl in a couple of months. Darius was recently showcased as Proton Radios 'Featured Artist' and you can view his profile and his 'Featured Artists Mix' tracklisting by visiting and checking out Past Shows in the 'Feature Artist' or by clicking on the link below.
You can also get more info and download his tracks at this EDM Digital link

Reewind! March 2005:
And what of the mysterious Rollin Connection- Tag team wrestling duo- Aliens sent to earth to solve global warming- Or just a couple of boys who love their toys- For answers it's necessary to turn to Darius Bassiray and Daniel Banko (aka Blanka). "One messy Sunday we were all sitting around listening to a cd one of us mixed, and Dark Beat resident Luke Simpson came up with the idea of writing a track and giving it to the benchmark Melbourne producers like Phil K, Gab Oliver and Jono Fernandez," explains the duo. "The idea was to get them to work on it and remix it to get it more rolling. A bass heavy drum orientated type rolling, and he wanted to call the track when it was finished Rollin Project. We thought it was all funny at the time due to extreme intoxication, but when we formed in 2004 after returning from touring Bangkok we called ourselves Rollin Connection, so basically owe the idea to Luke Simpson."
Taken from Jonathan Lisle interview written by Terry Goldfain and originally featured in Zebra magazine