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Author: Defected
Thursday, May 12, 2005

Defected Records - need we say more-
On the 11th June Defected bring their hugely successful In The House tour to Australia for the 1st time.

'Hands should be raised and songs should be sung..., that's the Defected In the House philosophy. Defected represents the finest sound in underground dance music. The label has the worlds most respected and recognisable DJ and artist roster, and it also has a comprehensive events and tours network.

After an amazing year in 2004 the foundations have been laid for an even better year in 2005, and a new level presents itself for Defected to take the stage.

Last year Defected Records received six awards at the London based HMA's, including "Label of the Year' and "Standout event @ WMC'.

More recently Defected Records, after a ballot of more than 10,000 voters, were awarded the prestigious title of BEST GLOBAL DANCE LABEL.
Defected Records has built a reputation on the strength of its artists and the sheer quality of house music it delivers to its faithful followers. There sound is quality house music that can be deep "n' discofied to downright soulful, that is something that you can depend on.

The Defected "In The House' strategy is clear in the words of Simon Dunmore Label boss, DJ and founder.
"It is our intension to deliver our unique sound to all our followers across the world. Our philosophy is that we do not just turn up with our records and play the event. We have a responsibility to dance floors across the world, we haven't forgotten that it's all about making the dance floor jump'.

January 1st 1999, the beginning of a new year and the birth of Defected records. The brainchild of Simon Dunmore, Defected was conceived with partner Janet Bell, after the closure and subsequent take over of A&M, the major that was their employer at the time.

Simon sensed the time was right for a more challenging beginning. "Starting our own label was like a natural progression. We'd kind of come to the end of the road with majors; it felt like the right time to do something for ourselves".

Their first release, "I can't get enough" by Soulsearcher reached No. 8 in the national charts and sold 100,000 copies. Subsequent releases from Powerhouse, Masters at Work and a top 5 hit for Paul Johnson with "Get Get Down", proved the labels credentials to deliver quality house music of the highest quality.

With Defected's place in the industry continually rising, they decided to create their own sister label to cater for the lucrative and respected underground market: Fluential. Fluential now houses a number of a respected artists, including Roland Clarke, Robbie Rivera, Gene Farris, Mojolators , Jason Jinx and Kathy Brown.

The DJ that brought you the highly successful DEFECTED IN THE HOUSE will be appearing at family on June 11th.