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Drug Vaccines & ID Cards Promise Total Social Control

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, May 23, 2005
British authorities announced this week that they're to hold feasibility studies on the practicalities of using vaccines against "pleasure drugs', including the question whether such inoculations should become compulsory.

"Drugs that are taken, both legally and illegally, for hedonistic reasons, and that can lead to addiction, may in the future be controlled, their use prevented, and addiction treated, by biochemical vaccines," the Foresight Project's outline proposal explains. "The intention is to make the addict unable to experience the 'high' or the first-time user unable to become addicted."

"Furthermore, questions arise as to what drugs should be targeted, including both sanctioned (eg alcohol and cigarettes) and illegal drugs (eg cocaine); whether the vaccine should be permanent or temporary; and to what other purpose a vaccine may be used for (eg treating gambling or for producing social conformity)," they add.

One of the key scientists involved in the new project is Professor David Nutt, who enthusiastically endorsed anti-pleasure vaccines last July, when the Independent newspaper suggested the UK government was planning a nationwide anti-drug immunisation scheme similar to those used for infectious diseases.

"People could be vaccinated against drugs at birth as you are against measles," the Bristol University head of psychopharmacology told the paper, "You could say cocaine is more dangerous than measles, for example," he claimed.

Details of the new vaccination study emerged just as British authorities admitted they're seeking to introduce computer files and unique ID codes for every newborn baby, a move even the News Of The World referred to this week as an "astonishing Big Brother plan'.

"Government ministers will seek new powers that will allow them access to almost every aspect of someone's life," the tabloid warned, "In time (the computer database) will contain details of their health, any benefits and criminal record. It will also log where they have travelled to in the world, their addresses, car numbers and credit history."