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Tuesday, June 14, 2005

Grooverider began DJing in London during the mid-eighties for Brixton-based pirate radio station, Phaze 1, and small-scale soundsystem, Global Rhythm. Unable to mix and unexposed to acid house, he merged The Jam, The Clash and X-Ray Spex into soul, jazz, hip hop and funk.
Believing that "what you play is more important than how you play it', he found a likemind in fellow Phaze DJ, Fabio, and the two honed their skills with early basement beats made in Detroit and Sheffield. Within three years they'd held their first residency, become circuit DJs and given drum "n' bass a seminal club: Rage. Leaving Phaze for London's Kiss FM, they joined Radio 1 in 1998 and now host "1 In The Jungle', a truly international platform for their music.
Grooverider operates the Prototype label, home to Trace, Ed Rush, Optical, Fierce and Codename John, his own production alias.
"I just like DJing, it's what I do, its my thing. You can't please everybody but I'm fortunate that people like what I play. We're just following our course because that's what we do - good press, bad press we just carry on."

Tour dates & details:

Wed July 6th - Hobart / Halo
Thurs July 7th - Sydney / The Gaelic Club
Fri July 8th - Melbourne / Hi Fi Bar
Sat July 9th - Adelaide / Enchanted (day set)
Sat July 9th - Perth / Ambar