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George Bush On Drugs- I Haven't Denied Anything

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, February 26, 2005
President Bush was branded a liar and a hypocrite again this week after secretly recorded tapes emerged on which he admitted smoking marijuana and deliberately ignoring questions about both his pot and cocaine use.

The president revealed his scheming tactics in conversation with a friend Doug Wead (an advisor of his father) when he was still a Governor and even boasted of turning his "immature past' to electoral advantage.

"That's part of my schtick, which is, look, we have all made mistakes," said Bush.

"What you need to say time and time again is not talk about the details of your transgressions but talk about what I have learned. I've sinned and I've learned. I am just not going to answer those questions," he gloated. (New York Times)

Responding to the tapes, White House spokesman Trent Duffy dutifully entirely ignored the revelations, by following exactly the same tactics as his leader.

"That has been asked and answered so many times," he sniffed when asked by the New York Times specifically about Bush's drug habits, "There is nothing more to add."

The story appeared just weeks after Moby challenged George W's integrity in Mixmag, branding him a "lying buffoon who can hardly string two sentences together'.

"Everyone in America knows that George Bush is a liar," the New York techno star pointed out. "He's a draft dodger, he did a lot of cocaine in the 70s and 80s, he's never held a real job. He's like your quintessential preppy frat boy (Toff student- slang Ed) but he tells them he's a cowboy. And they believe him," said Moby.

Moby's new single Lift Me Up is out on February 28, with two (pretty good) remixes provided by Etienne D'Crecy (aka Superdiscount) and new remixer of the moment Abe Duque. He also tours the UK and Eire in May.