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Glimmer Twins- Too Many DJs; Too Much Pressure

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, March 12, 2005
Belgium DJing duo the Glimmers chatted to Skrufff this week about their upcoming mix CD for K7 Records and their rapidly rising international profile and suggested that the ever increasing numbers of technically capable DJs is posing more and more problems for established jocks.

"There's a lot of competition and some sort of a crisis nowadays because there are so many DJs around who can mix records," Mo told Skrufff, "Because in a way it's not really that difficult to play, what's difficult is maintaining your career and creating your own style, to keep on entertaining the public over time," he mused.

Mo and his Glimmer partner David "Benoelue' Fouquaert started their career in the early 80s DJing all over Belgium though unlike their peers and close neighbours Soulwax (aka 2 Many DJs) placed the turntables ahead of the studio.

"We're DJs not producers, we've started making music now but we do it because it's fun and we do it at our own tempo without rushing things," said Mo. Soulwax are a rock band who started DJing because it's a nice gimmick, people like it and they saw that there's lots of marketing benefits from it; for us DJing is something more serious. It's a passion for us, a hobby that's got out of hand," he explained.

Renowned for mixing up all different styles throughout their 20 year career, the duo suggested flexibility is the key to longevity.

"The most dangerous thing about DJing is that every two or three years, a new trend comes along with new superstars and new big name DJs then a lot of DJ start to follow that trend, many of whom don't quite make it. Then at some point, the trend is over and at that point everybody too caught up in it is also over," Mo warned.

"We always saw the trends coming, took the best bits out of them and kept on developing our own styles."