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Hed Kandi Chief Departs

Author: Jonty Skrufff (
Wednesday, June 29, 2005
Hed Kandi announced this week that they've parted company with founder and brand visionary Mark Doyle replacing him with experienced A&R man Phil Faversham.

"Phil Faversham is set to become A&R Director at the UK's foremost quality dance compilation brand Hed Kandi," the label said a curt press release, "Faversham replaces Hed Kandi brand founder Mark Doyle, who leaves the label this month to pursue his own ventures."

During his five-year tenure, Mark Doyle built Hed Kandi into an astonishingly successful company, selling over five million compilation CDs and launching numerous Hed Kandi nights around the world. Chatting to Skrufff last year, the unusually humble and down-to-earth character insisted the key to Hed Kandi's success was actively avoiding the rock & roll lifestyle.

"It's company policy to fly economy class and stay in the cheapest hotel possible. Excess is what kills record companies, all that "I want a limousine, I've got to fly business class and I've got to stay at the Delano' nonsense," said Mark.

"We're like "We'll fly economy and stay in a fleapit but we'll still be able to release records in two year's time'," he explained.

"Longevity is gained from relationships you build with people, I believe in helping people who help you and looking after people in general," Mark told Skrufff in an earlier chat, "You find out who your friends are and help them."

Hed Kandi release their 50th compilation CD in August.