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'Herbert Hotline'

Author: Aaron Roach
Thursday, December 8, 2005
Herbert is working a new album, and he wants you involved!

Matthew Herbert, electronica-extraordinaire and sample connoisseur (only two of the many titles he falls under), has been a part of dance music culture for many years, and with releases such as 'Bodily Functions' and 'Plat du Jour', works that derive from sampling the most diverse sounds imaginable (chickens and people biting apples to name but a few), it was only a matter of time before fans could get involved in this cut-and-paste frenzy.

Herbert is giving people the opportunity to contribute to the new album, simply by leaving a sound on the 'Herbert Hotline'. The number allows people to call up, leave a sound of any kind (body included), which Herbert will then take and put through his magical sampler.

All sounds will be recorded via the hotline, and Herbert will mash, match and mutilate them all to create what can only be described as 'The Herbert Sound'.

To leave a message, simply call 0011 1 49 32 22 1918 394.

That is a lot of numbers, but if you're keen on hearing your favourite sound reworked by the 'Sampler Sorcerer', call to ensure it's included!