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Hooligan Harry's Pals Go Too Far

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, April 3, 2005
An 18 year Eton school boy who hung out with Prince Harry has died of a drugs overdose after reportedly taking ecstasy, Viagra, alcohol and pot while on holiday in India.

According to the Mail On Sunday, Louis Oppenheim was staying at a budget hotel with another old Etonian pal William Lloyd George (a direct descendant of British prime Minister Lloyd George) and their girlfriends, and was discovered close to death by the girls in the early hours.

"We found the boys sitting on chairs at a table with their head tilted back and Louis had blood coming out of his nose," one of the girls Lucie Hirst told local cops. "Both had a pulse but were finding it difficult to breathe."

Louis, described as a "rebel' and "part of the counter culture at Eton', died on the way to hospital while his friend recovered and returned to England three days later (Calcutta Telegraph).

In less tragic royal news, another of Harry's wayward friends Harry Meade (who infamously hosted the recent rave where Harry dressed up as a Nazi) was arrested and fined this week for pelting Tony Blair with rotten tomatoes.

"I managed to fire off two tomatoes and they hit the door frame of the building, splattering his suit with juice and seeds, which he brushed off," the feral toff boasted to the Times, "He looked very hacked off."