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Interview: John Digweed - Choice

Author: TranZfusion
Friday, April 29, 2005
It's fair to say that John Digweed could just about be the busiest man in the business. He's barely recovered from the Miami Winter Music Conference, but has been ultra-kind to spend a little time responding to some questions on his new compilation, what's happening in the music world and where he thinks the sound is headed...

TF: Tell us in your own words a little about your latest mix CD "Choice".

JD: It's just what it says, a collection of classics but the reasons I consider them classics aren't just because they're "big tracks'. They played a part in the development of the scene I grew up in socially as well as in terms of my career or they hold fond memories. It's not your typical choices.

TF: What inspired you to choose these mixes / tracks-

JD: Some just remind me of specific years or parties. Others played a big part in moving things forward. I wanted to take people by surprise though so I avoided some that might have been a bit obvious.

TF: Is it true that you started out with over 200 records short-listed - how did those 28 records end up being the ones for the mix.

JD: Well more than that if you consider how many records I've been through in my career so far. It was not easy, there's so much left out, but I'm happy with the package that came out of it. I enjoyed doing it and hopefully it'll introduce some people to some great older music.

TF: Was it your intention for CD 1 to be full of listenable lounge music, and CD 2 to be more dance floor-oriented-

JD: Not really, it just turned out that way

TF: Would it be fair to read this CD as a documentary of tunes that influenced your DJ life at the time-

JD: That's a bit limiting I think. A lot have bearing on that, but others are songs that just got me deeper into music generally, or songs that were big in the wider scene. I've tried to cover a lot of bases that I can bring back to me, but that stretch further than simply "here's some stuff that was big when I played it out'.

TF: What direction do you see music taking this coming yr-

JD: The electro sound is pretty big at the moment, but there are some great dj's using this together with techy elements. A lot of that is down to the quality of the dj's though. Guys like Luke Fair, Nic Fanciulli and Desyn Masiello.

TF: Who's hot at the moment (in Miami) in your opinion-

JD: All those guys above really shone in Miami. Also the weird continental types are a breaks act I've just signed to bedrock who are kicking up a storm at the moment.

TF: I see your booked to play at fundacion with sasha and zabiela - this sounds like a crazy event - are you looking forward to playing this gig-

JD: It was a great gig - these ones always are.

TF: What's on production wise the next 12mths-

JD: Look out for a remix of Chab - "Closer To You' which I did with Nick Muir - a new Bedrock track is on the way

TF: Whats hot in your crate at the moment- - who's showing the way production wise-

JD: Germany seems to making some of the most interesting music at the moment

TF: How do you see music evolving over the next 12mths-

JD: The last 12 months have been great so I hope things stay the same way to a large extent. Some younger breaking acts and dj's are injecting things with some enthusiasm and putting a lot of enjoyment back into things. It's great for the scene.

TF: Where do you see yourself in 12-18mths-

JD: In 12 months I'll be right back here recovering from Miami and some hectic US travels and in 18 months...hopefully on holiday!