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Interview with Matt Darey, Darren Tate, Ben Lost re: The Digital Sessions

Author: ShoutAboutMedia
Friday, May 6, 2005

Interview with Matt Darey, Darren Tate & Ben Lost
On May 13th, your performance at DIGITAL SESSIONS is being described by many as a landmark event in not only re-shaping the live clubbing experience, but also in the sale of dance music for years to come


As both a DJ and producer, how important is your gig at DIGITAL SESSIONS on May 13th and how does the event excite you-

M.D. I'm just foaming at the mouth I'm that excited!!! Seriously, Its gonna be really cool to have myself, Ben, John & Darren all on the same line up for the first time.... I really get on with them all but we're never all in one place at the same time. I'm a massive Lost Language fan so I'm really intrigued to hear Bens set...some amazing and cutting edge new talent on that label. Can't wait to hook up with John again cause its been about a year since we hooked up last WMC...his music always amazes me, he deffo on a very original plane at the moment and that phycadelic trance he plays gets me on the trance floor every time. Darren & I are often out on the rampage together...but never before have we really been in a coherent state of mind in the same room so that will be very interesting...LOL...seriously though, I'm really looking forward to Darren's set cause he is such a huge and successful producer and this will be my first ever time seeing him play a DJ set.

D.T. As a DJ all my gigs are important (no really), however I think this event is a great step in the evolution of dance music. And knowing the motley crew involved I'm sure it'll be a resounding success

B.L. I'm just looking forward to playing as much good music to as many people as possible.

Live broadcasts have been done before, so what makes this event so different in your opinion-

M.D. Every live broadcast is always exciting....just the fact that you know that besides all the people in front of you there's loads more people sharing the experience across the globe...The difference is it's the first time you can hear a track in a set and buy it f**king cool is that!!!! I just can't wait till its common practice...will certainly F**K up DJ's exclusivity on tracks but POWER TO THE PEOPLE that's what I say!!!

D.T. This is the first time "the home shopping channel methodology' has really been applied to the online purchasing of music (they're going to like that one). I won't have any tacky bangles but I promise to play some good tunes.

So brand new tunes that you can literally buy each track as you hear it played. Isn't this something that most aspiring DJ's have always dreamed of-

M.D. Yeah, exactly what I just if your starting out hey!!! I think there will be a lot of resistance from some DJ's...lets see if it catches on. I mean this is the future for sure but its just human nature to resist change really.

D.T. I believe it does give the enthusiast at a great opportunity to get some exclusive tracks in early, plus they'll be seeing the reaction first hand. I would definitely recommend any aspiring DJ to tune in.

B.L. I think its something that all lovers of the music being played will enjoy.

When you started out as a dj, how difficult was it for you to get those all-important tracks- How did you get hear the ones you wanted and how then did you manage to get hold of them-

M.D. Well I was lucky enough to start at the peak of my remixing career in 1999 so it wasn't a problem...I do know how hard it is to get the tunes upfront. I'm totally up for everyone having releases at the same time as A list DJ's...that's why are last 4 DP releases have been on sale from the very day we get stock...apart from Armin who gets stuff the day it's finished...everyone else gets mailed DP product the same day it goes up on our E-shop. Only exception has been Liberation but I just lost my label manager Adam white so we've been in a bit of chaos recently.

D.T. There we're tim