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John 00 Fleming Ditches Vinyl

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, April 25, 2005
Trance jock John 00 Fleming revealed this week that he's not played vinyl for over four years and revealed that as far as he's concerned records are nowadays obsolete.

"Vinyl is disappearing- it's an old format," Fleming told Australia's 3D World, "All of us are at this stage where we don't make any money from selling vinyl- it's a lot of hard, painstaking sweat to actually get it to the shop. Digital just makes complete and utter sense."

His stance matched that of fellow big name jock Darren Emerson who was criticised in the letters page of Mixmag, by an LA clubber who took exception to him playing a set entirely from CDs.

"I use CDs because a lot of my records are very old and scratched," The Underwater chief replied. "Small labels can't afford to make vinyl. Most big DJs feel the same way as I do. Chill out! Did you come to see me or my record box," he added.

Dutch DJ Lucien Foort also highlighted the increasing dominance of CDs over vinyl in a recent chat with Skrufff, explaining how digital technology came to his rescue when he forgot to pick up his last track in the middle of a tour.

"I left a Cd in the CD player the night before, so I called my radio producer and said "listen you've got this track in your computer, if you FDP it to my web designer, he can FDP it the club promoter, which means he's going to stick it on a website somewhere for somebody to download in Slovenia. By the time I got there from Venice, which is a two hour drive, I arrived to be given the CD in my hand," he recalled.

"This is how you get your music nowadays as well as from DJs when you're on the road, up and coming producers and DJs give you CDRs," he said.