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Lazarus Lashes Fontaine, Baker And Clarke

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Sunday, February 6, 2005
Trend spotting electro-tech tastemaker Damian Lazarus tore into records by some of the biggest producers in dance music this week, including Seb Fontaine and even his peers Arthur Baker and Dave Clarke.

Guesting as DJ magazine's singles reviewer he branded Fontaine's hotly tipped Positiva single Need To Feel Love as "formulaic trance- the dodgiest form of dance music out there' and was equally unforgiving about Baker and Clarke's new collaboration This Feeling (released under the name ABDC)

"Wasn't this big in Miami in 2001- It sounds like it should have been," said Damian.

"I'd say this is pretty disappointing from two of the most prolific and talented producers in techno and electro."

Ironically, DJ's Ben Edwards described Damian's own mix compilation Rebel Futurism Session 2 as "at first glance little more than recycled prog' in the same issue, though qualified his comment adding "the second (glance) will blow you away."

Chatting to Skrufff last year, Damian admitted to being sensitive about criticism though was equally outspoken about big name DJs.

"People are finally deciding that they're bored of the same old faces playing the same old music, week in and week out," he suggested.

"Young people that like to go clubbing, listen to good music, or go to festivals are now getting sick of reading about, hearing about, listening to, the same people, they've had to look into the underground to find something new," said Damian.