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Marc Almond Steps Back Onto the Dance Floor

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, January 29, 2005
Agents for Marc Almond announced this week that the Soft Cell star and clubland icon will be returning to DJing, just three months after he nearly died in a horrific motorcycle accident.

"We are very pleased to announce that Marc Almond has made a full recovery from his motorcycle accident," Marc's agents MN2S announced, "He'll be available for DJ sets from March 2005 onwards."

The counter culture legend smashed his skull when he came off the bike when it collided with a car in the City of London and was initially expected to die or survive with serious brain damage though speaking to The Observer this week, he sounded both lucid and as typically candid as ever.

"I have good days and I have despondent, despairing days, it has really knocked my confidence. I'm afraid to go out, afraid to face people. I have terrible mood swings, " he told the British newspaper.

"I was warned I'd have feelings of euphoria, but there's good euphoria, where I can't stop talking, and bad euphoria where I sometimes go, you know, psychotically hysterical," he admitted.

Marc's website people also issued a statement about his forthcoming public appearances and urged fans to be understanding about the difficulties he still clearly faces.

"Marc will try to undertake one of two of these appearances but that very much depends on how Marc is feeling at the time as he is still recovering from his injuries," they explained.

"If you are attending any event that advertises Marc just to see him please be aware that there is a chance he won't be appearing."