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Mixmag's Budget Balearic Booze Tips

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, May 28, 2005
Britain's leading dance magazine Mixmag have launched a surreptitious campaign against sky high bar prices in Ibiza in their latest issue, with a series of canny tips aimed at getting round the problem.

"Space's drinks prices are disgustingly expensive," they warn in an otherwise upbeat assessment of the predominantly daytime club, "So have plenty of booze before you go in, otherwise you'll end up broke." The magazine suggests a different tack for Pacha, declaring "drinks at Pacha are extortionate, so we advise saving some cash by drinking spirits without the mixers."

At both clubs last year, even tiny bottles of water cost six euros each, prompting even multi-millionaire P Diddy to complain.

"I'll keep coming back but the crazy prices are spoiling it," he suggested in Pacha magazine. "All of a sudden it's getting really expensive. It used to be a place where everybody could afford to experience it, but it's not harder for people to come."

Regular visitor Tim Deluxe was similarly unimpressed last year, telling Skrufff one his particular issues was unimaginative cocktails.

"Truthfully, if you've paid 50 euros to get into a club and you're playing 10 euros for a cocktail you want it to be presented nicely. I think that's a bit of a cheap shot," said Tim. "The superclubs' point is "we have standards, that's why we charge a certain amount on our door because we don't want riff raff in our club' and that's fair enough, but then don't serve the drinks as if you're presenting them to riff raff," he added.