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Moby Smites Homophobic Christians

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Monday, May 9, 2005
Evangelical Christianity's highest profile practitioner Moby launched a scathing attack on gay hating Christians this week after a visitor to his website posted a message claiming "Moby wants to turn his child gay'.

The childless dance star responded by declaring he'd proudly supportive of any kids he had, regardless of their sexuality and used his biblical knowledge to ridicule his fundamentalist brethren.

"Many right-wing Christians base their homophobia on the 'the Old Testament forbids homosexuality.' Yes, in Leviticus: where it's also stated that it's OK to make slaves from neighbouring countries, it's OK to kill people who make offerings to foreign deities, and that a man should be put to death for cutting the corners of his hair," Moby pointed out.

"So to my erstwhile right-wing Christian readers: when reading the Old Testament and the Pentateuch it's probably a good idea to incorporate a degree of historical context in your hermeneutic exploration of Old Testament theology," he advised.

In more Moby news, the outspoken New Yorker will be playing live in London's Hyde Park on May 24, performing alongside New Order and ex Blur man Graham Coxon.