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NuNRG get Digital

Author: Mark Burton
Wednesday, April 20, 2005
Last October saw NuNRG arrive in Australia on their maiden tour, promoting their critically acclaimed album Freefall. Comprising of Italian duo Andrea Ribeca and Giuseppe Ottaviani, who are signed to German Trance legend Paul van Dyk's Vandit label, NuNRG are the best live act in the trance scene, having been voted top LIVE act at the 2004 Trance Awards. Renowned for their live shows, bursting with emotion and passion, they certainly struck the right chord last time over as they're back a mere six months later as one of the many internationals that are headlining the exciting new Anzac-day Digital festival.

What have you been doing so far in 2005 & what plans do you have for the rest of the year-

G: So far touring and working around the promotion of our album Freefall was the "main" job but also working on something new it's very important. NU NRG never sleeps :) ,everyday we labor on new tracks, new ideas and fact we are starting to work on our solo project as well and what we can say now is looking forward to Giuseppe Ottaviani and Andrea Ribeca :)

Do you have any new remix or collaboration projects planned-

A:Yes of course . Follow us to discover them :-)

How did you become interested in electronic music-

G: Fundamentally we were attracted by the technology, we loved to create sounds and little compositions with our computers, just for fun, but day by day our two small studios became the NU NRG's Studio.

How & where did you meet-

A: We live really close in Viterbo ,small city 1hour to Rome, so is easy have a meeting between dj, producer, musician .In 1996/1999 I (Andrea) was dj/producer a bit known in Italy (one of the first to play live dance music in clubs-party) and Giuseppe was a dj radio/part around our city . After various conversation and meeting NU NRG project was born .

2001 saw your breakthrough track, Dreamland, get released. Did you realise at the time how successful it was going to be-

G: Dreamland was our first very important track, we didn't know and we didn't imagine that it was going to be the beginning of NU NRG project with a great response from the people. When we make a track we never know the destiny of that, we don't think to anything else other than make good music and maybe Dreamland was our most natural track....... I mean close your eyes and play.

How do you work together in the studio-

A: There isn't a standard way to produce music, it depend to the moment inspiration,
we are both musician and programmer .

Do you find that you‚re now using more software than hardware when in the studio & if so what programmes-

G: Generally speaking we like using hardware more than software because we love to touch the music, "by hand" programming and playing our synthesizers by now the technology is really improved and it offers great software (sequencers, plugins, instruments......) to play with a good quality of sound. Programs like Ableton, Absynth, Atmosphere, Stylus, Korg Legacy are hugely loved!!!

Dreamland was quickly picked up by Paul Van Dyk and you were soon signed to his Vandit label. How influential has he been in contributing to your success-

A:PvD is not a myth just for his music but also for his contribution to us which has been fundamental for our development .

How is it being a part of the Vandit family-

G: We are honored to be a part of an excellent staff as Vandit, they transmit us serenity and seriousness, they work so hard and so good and we really respect them for that. Have Paul van Dyk as "big boss" is the greatest thing that we could hoped, his support and his suggestions are very important for us and we really admire him as a producer but above all as a person.

How is trance music in Italy-

A:The dance music scene in Italy in more focused minimal , techno , house , elektro , progressive , and no so much in the trance . This also b