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Oakey's Neighbours From Hell- There Goes The Neighbourhood

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, March 12, 2005
The Sunday Times reported this week that Tony Blair's notorious son Euan is planning to follow his father into politics soon after he finishes university this year, which could pose yet more problems for their unlucky new neighbour Paul Oakenfold.

The superstar DJ has reportedly already lost as much as much as £350,000 (US$600,000) on his Bayswater pied a terre since the Blairs bought the house next door, though with the PM's wayward son now aiming to be an MP, his property could be blighted even further. Though The Times suggested Euan is considering attending Harvard University, he's also apparently considering taking a year off, which could see him spending time in Connaught Square, potentially throwing wild parties for hordes of hooligan toffs.

The hard drinking 20 year old became notorious when he was arrested for being "drunk and incapable" in Leicester Square four years ago, after cops spotted the then 16 year old "lying face down on the pavement, vomit on his trousers, close to unconscious' (Time Magazine). Two years later, he started attending Bristol University where he immediately joined his college's binge drinking club "Coc Soc", gaining access to weekly benders at Bristol's Bierkeller Bar.

"Basically our night is ridiculously cheap and very, very messy," a Coc Soc organiser boasted at the time. "You pay £1 to get in, and then you can buy vodkas for 50p (90cents) or litre jugs of cocktails, which cost £6.50 ($12) and have at least 8 shots in them". (Telegraph).