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Pharmacy [Behind Crimson Eyes] - Event Details

Author: Pharmacy
Wednesday, August 17, 2005
KillRockStar Entertainment, Loaded Entertainment and Hardware Corporation proudly present-

Pharmacy [Behind Crimson Eyes]  
5th Birthday Celebration! Saturday 10th September 2005

When you gaze long into the abyss, the abyss also gazes into you. Thus on the eve of their fifth anniversary, with love from behind crimson eyes, the Pharmacy Fourth Reich invites you to once again use your illusion and stare deep into our emptiness. Five short years ago the Pharmacy slumlords first infected Melbourne, twisting, warping and mutating the city in a new harder, darker and dirtier direction. Taking no prisoners Pharmacy pioneered their own fusion of scorching hard trance, tearing 303 acid, blistering techno and an all pervading punk attitude.  

Pharmacy's reputation as Australia's bad boys is well deserved and has attracted the cream of international talent to the Pharmacy freak show, including Marco V, Dj Scot Project, Yoji Biomehanika, Cosmic Gate, Chris Liebing, Lab4, Proteus, Ben Sims and the entire Tracid Traxxx family to name but a few. With two genre defining CD releases up their sleeves, international superstars A*S*Y*S and Derb have paid homage to the Australian dynasty with their 2004 12" release 'Theme From Pharmacy'. Furthermore the KillRockStar Krew even stared down the somewhat dubious honour of being sued by the Pharmacists' Board Of Victoria! We're your Molotov babies, we're your cutie pies. Bye!  

Raging the battle on the frontlines for this event is Pharmacy's league of extraordinary gentlemen; the original cowboy from hell Yoji Biomehanika, Nick Sentience [break the system down!], the grand poobah of phonkin slammin techno Steve Rachmad, Nik '007' Fish brings his license to thrill and of course Pharmacy's very own personal Jesus, DJ Hellraiser brings up the rear with a special two hour birthday set of past and phuture Pharmacy classics!

This event is being filmed for a massive international DVD release >  
Pharmacy & Transmission present: Yoji Biomehanika Live In Australia. Join the mutant DJ and get yourself and your friends on film for one of the biggest international DVD releases of recent years!

Pharmacy… Flower Sniffin' > Kitty Pettin' > Baby Kissin' > Corporate Techno Whores!

Yoji Biomehanika [Japan]- 2 hour performance!
If any proof were needed that hard dance has become a truly international phenomenon it is the success of Japanese DJ/producer, Yoji Biomehanika. Yoji has achieved rock star status in his own country and across the globe with his inimitable brand of belting hard music and his eternally effervescent stage presence. Yoji has grown into a global icon! Yoji is the mutant DJ behind anthems such as 'Ding A Ling' and 'Theme From Banginglobe' plus massive remixes including Mauro Picotto's 'Iguana', Gouryella's 'Ligaya' and the Dj Scot Project classic 'Hands Up'.  

Nick Sentience- live [UK]
As a DJ Nick has 'injected with a poison' virtually every major club, event and festival worth mentioning. Nick is one of the most exciting and cutting edge stars on the hard dance scene and with the launch of his Album/DVD and live Pa he is without doubt going to be one of the biggest stars in the history of electronic dance music. As Nukleuz' boy wonder Nick's discography reads as a greatest hits list of the biggest hard dance classics of all time including collaborations with BK and Phil Reynolds. With his fresh blend of hard dance, acid and techno Nick has added his own touch with belting remixes of; Wayne G- 'Twisted', Hennes & Cold- The Second Trip, Storm- 'Time To Burn' and Faithless- 'We Come 1'.

Steve Rachmad [Sterac, Ignacio...]
Steve Rachmad is no stranger to techno with the highest reputation for producing sounds fusing impressive strings, melodies and funk & soul for well over 20 years. Based in Amsterdam, Steve is the last of a dying breed of Analogue heads producing killer tracks for 100% Pure, Underwater, Tresor, Fragile, CLR, Jericho, Technasia/Sino, M-Plan