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Plastikman Steps Into Jean Michel Jarre's Shoes

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Saturday, June 4, 2005
Richie Hawtin unveiled details of his new compilation CD DE:9 Transitions this week and boasted it will "blow the idea of the conventional DJ mix out of the water'.

"The CD not only explores the traditional musical 'transition' in time and amplitude (X and Y) of Sound, but also in the depth (Z) of Space and Perception," the minimal techno star enthused, "opening up the DJ mix for the first time into a fully encompassing, surround sound (5.1) environment. DE9: Transition has been from start to end, constructed, and composed to be a completely immersive experience," he gushed.

The Canadian DJ's language emulated similarly ecstatic comments made by electronic music pioneer Jean Michel Jarre last year, who used 5.1 Surround Sound on his latest album Aero (largely a remake of Oxygene).

"Ever since Oxygene and the beginning of my career I thought electronic music should be shared in an immersed way. I always considered electronic music to be a sensual experience, physical, almost sexual," Jean Michel told Skrufff.

"The CD era for me was a bad time, a hard time and something that I never felt enthusiastic about, I think it was a regression vis a vis the vinyl era," he continued. "We lost the warmth and the emotional response that was present in vinyl. We need to restore this emotional link through a more sensual, more emotional approach of sound."

DE9: Transition is out on Novamute shortly.

Richie Hawtin DJ Dates:

3rd June ˆ Avalon, New York USA
4th June ˆ Avalon, Los Angeles, USA
11th June - Buenos Aires, Argentina
16th June ˆ Orchestra at Auditorium, Sonar, Barcelona SPAIN
17th June ˆ Orchestra at Auditorium, Sonar, Barcelona SPAIN
18th June ˆ Minimize to Maximize/ Minus @ Sonar by Night, Barcelona SPAIN
24th June ˆ 4Rest Divison, Club Gorad Moscow RUSSIA
25th June ˆ Meet Me, Ljubljana, SLOVENIA
1st July ˆ Special, Old River Park, Naples, ITALY
2nd July - Industria Copera, Granada, SPAIN
3rd July ˆ Love Family Park, Frankfurt GERMANY
8th July ˆ Minimise to Maximise, weekend Club, Berlin GERMANY
9th July - T In The Park, Glasgow UK
9th July - New Kids on Acid, Watergate, Berlin GERMANY
10th July ˆ Club Visionaire, Berlin GERMANY
11th July ˆ Cocoon Club, Amnesia, Ibiza SPAIN
14th July - 5 Days Off, Melkweg, Amserdam, NL
15th July ˆ Dour, Dour BELGIUM
16th July - Extrema Festival NL
16th July ˆ Groove Parade, Monegros, Zaragozza SPAIN
17th July - Glade Electronic Music Festival, Newbury UK
20th July ˆ 10 Days off, Gent BELGIUM
21st July - KAT Club, Copenhagen, DENMARK
22nd July ˆ 1 Year Anniversary Party, Cocoon Club, Frankfurt GERMANY
23rd July ˆ Hyperspace, Budapest HUNGARY
24th July - MINUS @ Play, San Sebastian, SPAIN
31st July ˆ Blauer see, Naturpark, Ratingen GERMANY
4th August ˆ Astropolis Event, Brest FRANCE
5th August ˆ Nature One, Raketenbasis Hypna, Kastellaun, GERMANY
6th August ˆ DC 10, Dance Valley, Amsterdam NL
11th August - Sunkissed at Oya festival, Oslo, NORWAY
12th August ˆ Sonne, Mond & Sterne, Saalburg GERMANY
13th August ˆ Dekadance @ Dachkantine,Streetparade, Zurich SWISS
14th August ˆ Venue, Thesaloniki GREECE
15th August ˆ Mykonos, GREECE
18th August ˆ Coloseum, Skorpje, Mazedonia
19th August ˆ Motorclub, ROMANIA
20th August ˆ Summer of Love, Pardubice, CZECH REP (Early eve)
20th August ˆ Nature One, Poznan POLAND (Late night)
27th August ˆ Creamfields, Liverpool UK
28th August ˆ Pollerwiesen Final date, Jugendpark, Cologne GERMANY
29th August ˆ Cocoon Club, Amnesia, Ibiza SPAIN
12th September ˆ Cocoon Club, Amnesia, Ibiza SPAIN
17th September : Fabric, London, UK
19th September ˆ Cocoon Club - Closing - Amnesia, Ibiza SPAIN