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Plump DJs - present new album 'Saturday Night Lotion'

Author: TranZfusion
Thursday, June 30, 2005
'Saturday Night Lotion' with it's extra large, full fat portions reaffirms the Plump DJs status as the biggest name in breaks and one of the hottest acts in dance music today.

Following the groundbreaking success of 'A Plump Night Out' and 2003's 'Eargasm', the Plump DJs are back with 70 minutes of the highest quality blistering breaks.

With 11 original tracks and 2 remixes, 'Saturday Night Lotion' is a breakbeat dancefloor masterpiece. Andy Gardner and Lee Rous have also called upon some of the scene's biggest names such as The Freestylers, Soul Of Man, The Drumattic Twins, Lee Coombs and Italian sensation Madox to bolster this
already heavyweight package.

In 2003 'Eargasm' was THE breaks album of the year and TRIPLE J ALBUM OF THE WEEK. This year, 'Saturday Night Lotion' is sure to slip and slide its way to 2005's top spot again!

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"Saturday Night Lotion' is released nationally on July 4th on Fingerlickin Records through Inertia.

Ten things you may like to know about the Plump DJ's:

1. Their name was taken from a top shelf porno entitled Plumpers.
2. Lee topped a 'best looking DJ's' poll in Time Out in 2002. Andy found this 'hilarious'.
3. Lee likes dancing on podiums and has a fondness for lampshades-as-headgear.
4. Andy went to Eton after winning a scholarship.
5. If Andy had a free weekend he would buy a big puzzle from Hamley's and spend the weekend completing it.
6. Lee loves fishing and can spend hours talking about the sport.
7. Andy hates fish.
8. Lee's first musical purchase was Bucks Fizz 'The Camera Never Lies'.
Andy's was Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall'.
9. If the album sells a million Lee thinks Andy would invest in a full size roller coaster.
10. Andy thinks he would only be able to buy a small roller coaster if the album sells a million.