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Private Function #29 @ Altitude

Author: TranZfusion
Wednesday, July 20, 2005
Chris Meehan (Vapour)
Gavin Martin
Aaron Roach
Dean Millosn
Sasha Petrovic
Steve May
After a couple of months off, we're back again on Friday July 29th with a new venue and a few new faces.
We've finally decided to get some routine into our lives, and as of July, PF will now be held on the last Friday of every month at the newly renovated Altitude. With the new balcony almost completed, even better sound and renovations to the rest of the space all ready to go, we're very excited to be working with Altitude, and we've got some huge plans for the rest of the year (did somebody say Steve Porter-)
And after four years of rocking the party each and every time, we've decided to add a couple of new residents to the roster - just to keep you all on your toes. Fear not however. Gavin Martin, Aaron Roach, Dean Millson and Sasha Petrovic will still be steering the good ship PF as per usual, but they'll be joined by a couple of DJ's that will at least be somewhat familiar to everyone, namely Steve May and Big Kev  giving us a stronger and more diverse rotational lineup than ever before.
Steve May been taking the world by storm with his production and DJ skills. Having recently returned from a stint overseas we're he played gigs in Canada and Lithuania, his most recent track, the massive 'Blend Forty-3' on Baroque, has been a huge success, getting lincenced to a number of compilations including the most recent offerings from Tiesto and PVD. The forthcoming 'Sublimate' was licenced to Marcus Schultz's Miami compilation and should be seeing the light of day soon. Steve's sets at Sideways during 2004 were always of a high standard and we're looking forward to welcoming him on board at PF.
We hope Big Kev is as excited to be along for the ride as we are excited to have him aboard. Kev has played numerous times at PF, along with helping us rock the boat at Sunshine People on NYD this year. Kev's crafts a number of different sounds into his sets  progressive in the truest sense of the term  be it electro, house or breaks, you can guaranteed that it will be as twisted as it is phat.
This month, the boys will be joined by our very special guest, none other than Chris Meehanone half of Vapour Recordingswith his last gig in Melburn before he heads back over to Portugal to hook back up with production and label partner Kasey Taylor. Chris is not stranger to Melbourne, having been the backbone of most of the bigger parties around town for the last 5 years. Over the majority of 2004 however he's been based overseas, taking his sound to the rest of the world and working rather prolifically with Kasey in the studio. Chris has been setting himself for this one for some time, and he's keen to leave Melbourne with something to remember him by before jetting off again... So you have been warned.
Entry will be $15 general or $10 on the guestlist, and as usual anyone can rsvp for the list by heading to or if you've got a big list you can email it through to us at, easy really RSVP's will close at 5pm on Friday.
Thanks to Freshjive & Global Recordings, we've also got heaps of the new and improved Private Function T-Shirts to give away at the next party, so if the great lineup doesn't entice you, then perhaps a free t-shirt will!
See you on the dancefloor!
Private Function #29
Friday July 29th
Bullens Lane