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Sasha Slates Superstar DJ Stranglehold

Author: Jonty Skrufff
Wednesday, June 22, 2005

Englishman-in-New York DJ Sasha launched a surprising attack on the UK dance scene this week accusing ageing big name DJs of refusing to step aside.

"I really do believe that electronic music isn't going anywhere, it has to evolve to survive and there has to be new DJs coming through, there has to be 18 or 19 year old kids behind the decks at clubs," Sasha told Skrufff.

"I'm still waiting for that next explosion of DJs to come through, the younger DJs. It still seems like the big DJs are all the ones who've had a stranglehold on it for quite a while."

Admitting that he has no plans personally to retire just yet ("it's difficult to say, though I can't imagine touring the way that I do when I'm 40 or 45') the acid house veteran was equally scathing about the UK club scene itself, complaining "the electronic music scene in the UK has been absolutely shunned by the media in recent years, and partly for good reasons."

"The sheer volume of absolute shite that we had to put up with around the year 2,000, in terms of musical output and terrible parties, was such a million miles away from what the scene was built on in the early 90s," he grumbled.

"It all got a little out of control, people got bored of talking about it and the explosion of R&B and hip hop that followed was because it was the next generation's sound."

In more Sasha news, Ibiza superclub Space announced this week that the progressive house star is teaming up with Steve Lawler for a series of Thursday night- gigs at the Ibiza clubbing institution, which are being called Thursdays At Space. While Lawler will be hosting the (now covered) Terrace area, Sasha will be presenting his Fundacion event in the main room, using Ableton Live for his entire set. He's also used the same digital system to mix his latest compilation CD (also called Fundacion NYC) which is out now on Global Underground.

Thursdays @ Space launches on July 21.